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Discover Your Inner Power to Heal

through practical magic


Hi, I'm Neda

Together, we'll remove the blocks that keep you from living life to the fullest.

We're all meant to thrive, but negative experiences along the road of life create unseen energetic blocks that can derail us with unnecessary suffering.

Those blocks are caused by traumas that get stuck in our body and manifest in the form of physical pain and disease; mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and addiction; toxic relationships and behaviors; feeling stuck or unmotivated, and even just a general sense that we're not living our potential. 

Luckily, those blocks are not set in stone. They can be brought to the surface and released through energetic healing work. I would love to help you break through and discover a new level of life.


Notice how life is bringing you support. Allow it in. Slow down. Feel the sensations it stirs up in you. Let it fill you up.

Neda Dardashti




"Don't doubt your ability to create. Notice all the places. Big and small. It's working.

Neda Dardashti




When I first went searching for a healer I was apprehensive; I had no idea how I would find a reputable and effective practitioner going on a blind search. As life sometimes (always) works, I mentioned it to a friend I ran into and she RAVED about Neda at Tara's Garden- her words, "Some people are just meant to be healers"

I have been seeing Neda at Tara's garden for several months and the transformation that I have experienced has been both powerful and lasting. I came in with pretty much all of it- love, work, health and occupation- and the strides, insights and new awareness I have experienced around all of the topics have added substantially to my life. I could go into great detail, but the summary is that my life is better. a lot better.

Neda is professional, graceful and has the ability to make you feel very safe, as if you can trust her with anything. My friend was spot on; some people are just meant to be healers. She's one.

- Sam