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Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

About Me and My Approach

For me, healing is ultimately a process of growth — not the path of fixing. It is a brave act of self-love that requires engaging every aspect of who you are.

Very early in my life, I knew I wanted to help people. After 30 years, I am still humbled and honored when someone chooses to journey down this path with me. It is a profound gift to be entrusted with another’s healing. 

I don’t shy away from the alchemical fire of the healing process because I’ve walked through my own fire. From reiki to somatic experiencing to polarity therapy, I’ve tested every tool in my professional arsenal on myself first. I know the healing process from the inside out and I continue training in the latest trauma healing modalities so I can better help my clients and work on my personal growth.

Healing trauma is an initiation into a more enlightened, informed state of being. 

Healing is a process of unveiling ourselves and bringing to light the parts of us that are hurt, ashamed, fearful, and overwhelmed. It is in this unusual space of vulnerability, awareness, and compassion that the deepest healing is possible. 

The goal of my offerings is to awaken a more conscious connection to the soul, to life, to love, and to your higher good. Working together, we catalyze your healing and growth to restore your wholeness. Allowing me into your spiritual space is an essential step in the process of healing, and one I consider sacred. 

My experience as both a healing practitioner and a lifelong student has taught me that to be a guide for another is to love, and it is love that ultimately heals.

About Me: About Me
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