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Waking Up

Every experience is an answer to a prayer or intention, whether we experience it as good or bad matters not. The label we give it is only our interpretation of the experience, maybe the truth is nothing is innately good or bad. It just is a moment in the process of life and of remembering the place of oneness, union with the divine.

Some of the most traumatizing experiences catalyze the most soul & personality growth in a person's life. The are the events that wake us up and compel us to look for more than what's tangible and find deeper meaning.

The usefulness of this process, waking up, depends on the meaning we give the experience, how we relate to it, from it & how we define ourself as a result of it. How we experience the answers to our prayers and the impact of those answers, is a shaped by our personal filters and the meaning we give them.

You are the only person who gives meaning to your experience. Meaning making isn't a mental process. It is a full body experience. It is done by the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of who you are. Meaning making is effected by our attachments. Resistance or rejection is as much an attachment to something/ someone as is the deep need to have or possess it. A way to get beyond, to transcend or get deeper than attachment is to allow, accept, and have compassion (love) for yourself and for your life experience, for your dream, for your Maya or for the reflection of you in the world. (These are all the same things) 

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