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How To Direct Your Energy To Get What You Want

Working toward your life goals requires a few things like knowing what you want, commitment, and focus, Those things aren't always easy to have or know. We can be overly detailed or too broad, easily distracted, and lack the clarity that enables commitment. Some of us can get lost in the "how" while others aren't even sure how to define what they truly want.

Below is a 3-step process and example to help you channel your energy and harness the support of the Intelligence of Life to receive what you want most. This process requires engaging your heart not just your mind. But first, you must set the stage by embracing the process of co-creation. Co-creative Partnership is how we receive the support of life (or nature) intelligence.

Creating is always an act of partnership.

Whether you're decorating a room, writing a paper, starting a business, or seeking a new romance, you create in collaboration with the Intelligence of Life and what is happening in your environment. For this to succeed, you have to be fluid and flexible.

What most often gets in the way of us getting what we want is:

  1. being attached to how it happens;

  2. being afraid of (and even paralyzed by the thought of) making the wrong decision.

Things may not happen exactly the way you expect or envision, but that doesn't mean you're on the wrong path. When you let go and allow for adjustments, you give yourself the freedom to shift direction based on your internal and external feedback. That's how you stay on your right path. It's all about staying focused yet unattached. The more rigid you are about the "how" of achieving an outcome, the harder it is to succeed. Surrendering control is key to navigating (and fueling) the organic flow of the process while building resilience to meet the challenges that show up along the way.

The key to initiating a co-creative partnership with Life (or Nature) Intelligence is to clearly name the definition, direction, and purpose for what you want to manifest.

Here are 3 Steps to Successful Co-Creation:

Remember to include your heart's knowing as you answer the questions. That will make it much easier to commit to your goals and see them to fruition.

1. Definition: What is your goal?

When you're defining goals, you're answering the question, "what is it that I want?" It's essential to be honest, straightforward, and specific with the answer. I've noticed that most people hesitate to ask for what they want. They might feel shy or afraid. Our hesitation in defining what we want tends to be the first stumbling block.

And yet, it is key to garnering the support you need. To access the higher power of the Universe, you have to let it know what it is working with you on. A successful partnership requires a clearly defined goal. That's the only way we can collaborate to achieve a shared outcome.

If you don't know what you want or if your ask is too conceptual (e.g., I want to be happy; I want my needs met), set an intention to have insight into what will make you happy and then define that thing. Then, keep an eye out for the signs around you, which can show up in a myriad of ways that point you toward the tangible things (i.e., a loving relationship) that make you happy.

The truth is, most of us know what we want. We're just too afraid to declare and/or don't believe it's possible. But, regardless of how we feel, if we name it, life will naturally guide us in its direction and create experiences wherein we can resolve our conflicting feelings about having what we want.

Once you define it there is another step. This is where parameters come in…

2. Direction: What are the parameters?

The parameters outline the specifics, the container, and the boundaries or limitations that help to define the vision. For example, if the definition of your goal is to be in a loving relationship, the parameters might look like this:

"I want to start a healthy, long-term romantic relationship with a funny, sexy, growth-oriented, soulful man who lives in my area within the next year,"

Your parameters will be specific and unique to you (it will be your version of "healthy," which may look different from someone else). While you can get specific about what "healthy" and "romantic" look like to you, it's best to keep it general, surrender control, and trust that the Universe knows the meaning and intention that are most true to you.

This leads us to the 3rd question.

3. Purpose: What would receiving this request fulfill for you?

What you're answering here is: "why do I want this?"

Here are some examples:

  • To be happy

  • To have a partner in creating a shared dream

  • To be loved and give love

  • To have fun together

That's it! You can use this outline for anything you want to create: a business venture, a home, a relationship, a creative project, etc. It's a really clear way to define a goal and achieve it. I'd love to hear about your experience once you've tried this approach.

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