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6 Ways To Heal Your Traumas And Balance Your Energetic Gifts

I’ve been overwhelmed by the responses from this incredible community. After the last email, many of you wanted to know what specific action you could take toward healing your traumas. I also loved hearing from those of you who were eager to better awaken and balance your psychic gifts. To both of those points, I’ve shared below some specific ways I help my clients find the joy in healing.

It’s important to note that trauma healing is a comprehensive process. It takes commitment — and it is absolutely worth it! It’s also important to note that receiving energetic treatment is also a practice in building your innate psychic skills. With every client interaction, I call on a combination of listening, practical science, and higher intuition. Whether you’re just curious to know more or you’re ready to dive deep into your healing journey, I’m here to guide you.

Here’s my 6-pronged comprehensive approach:

1- Somatic Experiencing: This bottom-up modality is primarily focused on repairing the nervous system by working with body sensation. While subtle and gentle in its approach, somatic experiencing is some of the most powerful work you can do. By helping the nervous system recognize that it survived the trauma, we can replace our experiences of fear and shame with ones of triumph and resilience. 

2- Nutrition: No amount of energy work can overcome our body’s fundamental need for nutrition. Research continues to prove that our gut health is directly linked to our brain patterns and our nervous system. Poor diet impacts our serotonin levels, which is responsible for our moods and our ability to process stress. Even things like anxiety and depression have been linked to nutritional health. To be clear, this is not about dieting. It’s about an overarching acknowledgment of the profound ways our brain, body, and spirit are connected. Our nutritional intake (or lack thereof) is an aspect of our overall efficacy that simply can’t be ignored. So, while I’m not certified in nutrition, I continuously educate myself and strongly consider it in my healing approach. 

3- Energy work: Modalities like Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Reiki provide access to healing, clear stagnant energy patterns from the body, and foster deep relaxation and repair. These techniques can profoundly shift our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical patterns of trauma. They are also powerful and direct ways of accessing your energetic gifts and learning about how to use them.

4. Flower Essence Therapy: Flower essences are a kind of vibrational medicine. They’re simple, non-invasive, and inexpensive alchemical tools for transformation that help us uncover what needs tending to, while supporting us through our mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges. So, they bring the movement you’re ready for and the support to match it. Essences introduce a new vibration that changes your energetic field. They bring about new insights and strengthen your resolve to do things that may have been too difficult before, like setting boundaries, speaking your truth, or letting go of deeply held unconscious pain. I like to think of them as magic in a bottle. 

5- Shamanic Journeying: Under my experienced guidance, this work helps you enter into altered states where you can release old memories, get free from coping strategies and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you, and emerge as a more authentic version of yourself. Shamanic journey is an exploration of how to engage the subtle energies of life so that you can shape your life experience more intentionally. It provides the opportunity to learn how to use your gifts to support your practical life.

6- Safe Space: Having a safe place to talk about your history helps you process, organize, and integrate your experience. I am your compassionate guide, supporter, and witness. Healing is ultimately a process of learning and growth. It’s always helpful to have someone who can share knowledge and gently guide you into the light. Whether we’re in my office or on a virtual call, my first priority is your safety and comfort. 

No matter what modality you choose, our work together always focuses on your intention and goals.

We will heal trauma by calming the nervous system and establishing new physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ways of being so that your essential self is more fully present in your life. This will give you access to more energy, clarity of thought (the executive function part of our brain), creativity, balance and accuracy with your psychic gifts and most importantly, the ability to give and receive love. Isn’t that amazing?! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you as new cutting-edge scientific and spiritual research unfolds. 

You can start with any one of these prongs, add another as you’re ready, or deep dive into all of them at once. A skilled, safe, non-judgemental, and caring practitioner you can trust is essential. Healing happens when love and compassion are present. To further explore or book any of these treatments, give me a call or email me. 

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